Coral :

With 6 KEYS + 1 MASTER

Imagine surfaces of switches and wall panels that look just like your smartphone. Feel the soft touch as you flick it on. See it add a touch of elegance to your interiors. Be elated with the impression it makes on your guests.

  • Innovative technology with smooth, single touch operation.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance resulting in no dust and bacteria.
  • Enhances classiness of your walls.
  • Shock proof.



Product Features

  • Switching with a single and soft feather touch operation.
  • Unidirectional IR Remote operations.
  • Illuminated iconic representation and Dual colour indication on the switch, making it easy to identify the device’ ON ‘or‘OFF’ condition.
  • Auto Dimming of the backlight illumination for a cool display of the switchboard and Auto switch wake-up for easy identification in the day and night.
  • Intelligent switches with programmable memory options on site for volatile and non-volatile memories.
  • Electrical direct controls using relays.
  • Optional Two way interface.
  • Programmable controls.
  • RS232 / RS 485 compatible.
  • Optional switching operations as per your moods.
  • Wide range of selection from our product basket.
  • Easy installation, no separate wiring required.
  • Shock proof switching. No mechanical wear & tear as compared to normal switches.
  • No mechanical wear & tear
  • Two way switching provided.

Technical Specification

  • Input Voltage :90 to 270 VAC 50 Hz.
  • Protections: Input over voltage cut-off, Short circuit, Thermal & Overload Shutdown.
  • Working Temp: 00 to 500Deg. C.
  • Operating Humidity:20% to 85% RH non-condensing.
  • Rated Load:Tungsten and Halogen light 500W.
  • Capacitive Load: LED and CFL 100 W.
  • Inductive Load:Fan and Motor 65 W.
  • Service life:50,000 operations (for Relay).
  • Output :- 6 keys + 1 Master.

Mechanical Fitment

  • Keyboard Dimensions:With enclosure – 237 mm x 90.3 mm.
  • Fitment:
    • 4 Module Box - 5757 40
    • 6 Module Box - 6890 10

Product Display

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Installation Guidelines

Remove the black plate from the Switch Board.
Strip off 10 mm(approx 1 cm) of the load wire ends that are to be connected. Note that excess stripping will load to shorts between two wires.Connect the load wires as per the stickers mentioned on the box.Ensure that there are no wire strand protruding outside the connectors.
Align the loose cables in the concealed box properly. Please the switch board over the conceal box.
Screw fit the switch board to the conceal box (Use the screws provided along with the switch board). Ensure that there is no stress on the load wire connections and box fitment.
Check the whole assembly by switching on the loads one by one.Press fit the top black cover plate to the switch board.
Ensure the proper fitment of the swtich board vertically and horizontally.check the whole switch board functionally. Check the switch board for Remote operation if applicable.

Note : All Switches are compitable with Remote Control / Alexa / Google Home / Smart App ( Andriod / IOS ). Integration & Installation of above attracts extra cost @ actual.